Age regression, often abbreviated to AR in transgender media refers to a character not only changing gender, but also being reduced in age. It is moderately common in TG fiction and art, and may be so for a number of reasons depending on what type of age regression occurs. AR fetish, even into a very young person, does not generally coincide with pedophilia. Stories with regression below the age of 16 rarely contain sexual content.

  • Younger adult AR usually consists of an older adult, generally middle-aged or older, being regressed to a younger adult, usually around their 20s. This may be appealing because younger women who have matured but not aged are considered more attractive.
  • Teenager AR consists of an adult being regressed to a teenager between the ages of 13 and 19, the most common being 16 and 18 (though age 18 and up is sometimes considered younger adult AR). This may appealing for a combination of the reasons in younger adult AR and pre-teen AR, but most likely for the cultural standing and significance of the high school girl stereotype.
  • Pre-teen AR usually consists of an adult or teenager regressing to an age from 10 to 12. This may be appealing because of the cuteness and innocence of youth or because of the vulnerability and dependence a young girl has. It also may be preferred to child AR because of the beginning of a pre-teen's assimilation into modern culture or because some don't like the transformation to be as extreme.
  • Child AR consists of an older character being regressed to an age below 10. This may be appealing for the same reasons as pre-teen AR, but increases feelings of dependence, vulnerability, and also less freedom of choice.
  • Infant AR consists of an older character being regressed to an infant, generally under 2 years of age. This may be appealing because of the utter helplessness that comes along with it. It may also go hand-in-hand with diaper fetishism.