Bikini Beach is a fictional water park and the main feature of the shared universe of the same name created by ElrodW. It is owned by a young woman named Anya and her unnamed grandmother, both who are capable of magic. The park was created to allow women to escape from the prying eyes of men by physically transforming every man who enters the park into a woman by means of the men’s shower.

Mechanics of Bikini Beach Edit

  • All visitors must own a pass in order to enter the park. Passes range from single-day to lifetime.
  • Any man who enters the park is transformed into a woman until midnight on the date of expiration on their pass. They will never change back if they purchase a lifetime pass.
  • The owners of the park say the Health Department requires all people to take showers before entering the park.
  • A pink mist in the men’s shower, which rises from the drains, seems to cause the transformation. The transformation itself is never described.
  • After the transformation, the man’s swim trunks usually transform into a bikini bottom. The top is usually provided by the park owners, though on occasion, the swim trunks turn into a one-piece women’s swimsuit.
  • The park owners seem to be able to control the outcome of the transformation, turning men into a number of different kinds of women. There are some limitations, however.

Stories Featuring Bikini Beach Edit