Body swap is a common element in transgender fiction. Body swap refers to a character's mind or soul being moved from their own body to that of another person. This could be coupled with the mind or soul that previously inhabited the character's new body being moved into the character's old body, e.g. a mind-for-mind swap on both ends. In order to be considered TG, body swap media must involve a swap between a male and a female. Strong points of using body swap include giving the newly transformed character an identity and a life right away, also transporting a male character immediately into some feminine situation or attire. It also may persuade them to do feminine things that a normal male would never do if transformed because the woman they have become has been and is expected to continue doing them, such as cheerleading or ballet. Less popular points include lack of a transgender process and predictable outcomes for transformations. A common shared universe that involves body swap is the Great Shift universe. The Altered Fates universe is not considered body swap because, although each of the two people who touch it become one another, it is done through changing their bodies instead of switching their minds.