Heather St. Claire is a transgender author active on Fictionmania and Storysite. Some of her stories have been co-authored by Paul G. Jutras. Her stories all include physical transformation. Many of her stories are set in Bill Hart's Spells R Us universe. She has created universes of her own, including TGTV and Memories Revisited. She reemerged as a TG writer in 2011 following a six-year silence. Heather St. Claire is not related to Heather Sinclair.

List of Works by Heather St. ClaireEdit

  • "Wish Fulfillment"
  • "The Magic Cigarettes"
  • "The Fine Print"
  • "If the Shoe Fits 3" (co-authored with Paul G. Jutras)
  • "If the Shoe Fits 4" (co-authored with Paul G. Jutras)
  • "Modeled to Perfection" (co-authored with Paul G. Jutras)
  • "Replacement Mannequin" (co-authored with Paul G. Jutras)
  • "Anything for Love"
  • "Answered Prayers"
  • "A Treat, Not a Trick"
  • "Awakenings"
  • "SRU: Filling A Vacancy"
  • "Troy Visits Mrs. Canfield"
  • "To Oz and Back"
  • "The Body Swap Shop"
  • "Glamour Photographer"
  • "Photo Fantasies: Another Story of the Magic Camera"
  • "The Body Swap Shop--Adding A Little Spice"
  • "The Day I Became Mary Jo Shively"
  • "TGTV"
  • "Cinderfella"
  • "TGTV: Bewitched: