Jezzi Belle Stewart, also known as Jezzi, is a transgender author active on Storysite and Sapphireplace. Her stories usually include physical transformation, often age regression, and sometimes historical eras and figures.

Works by Jezzi Belle Stewart Edit

  • Bikini Beach Universe
    • "Bikini Beach: If I Should Die Before I Wake"
    • "Bikini Beach: What's Good for the Gander..."
  • "Bryon the Bastard"
  • "Father's Day"
  • "Simply Irresistible"
  • "Vaingirls #1: Joyces Story"
  • Spells R Us Universe
    • "SRU: All Hitler, All the Times..."
    • "SRU: Bimbo Bread"
  • "Caitlin at the Bat"
  • "I'm Baaack!"
  • "The Halloween Ride of Paul(a) Revere"
  • "Jackie O' Lantern"
  • "The Suffragette Redemption"
  • "Holly Daze and the Dead Line Stakeout"